Wild Grass, the startling resort is set amidst Chidiya Tapu or the Birds Island. The locale houses more than 100 species of birds. Chidiy Tapu is known as the ideal spot for ornithologists, bird watchers and bird photographers. Birds like Andaman Teal, Andaman Serpent Eagle, Andaman Crake, Andaman Wood Pigeon, Andaman Cuckoo Dove, Andaman Pompadour Green Pigeon, Andaman Coucal, Andaman Scops Owl, Andaman Hawk Owl, Andaman Nightjar, Andaman Woodpecker, Andaman Bar Bellied Cuckoo Shrike, Andaman Black Headed Bulbul, Andaman White Rumped Shama, Andaman Plain Flowerpecker, Andaman White Headed Starling and the Andaman Treepie, are exclusive residents to these islands. Wild Grass facilitates the bird watching and photography to passionate birders by providing an experienced local bird spotter who can accompany them around the locales. Of particular interest to birders is the close proximity of the birds to Wild Grass and the opportunity to spot and photograph the various species in comfort, peace and quiet with necessary assistance. We have guests who have spotted and photographed 4 species of owls within an hour at night! We welcome bird enthusiasts to Wild Grass at Chidiya Tapu and extend all support to them in their birding activities. For non birders who enjoy watching birds, just sit outdoors or look out of your window to spot some of them!